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"Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!"




#For 24hours




#In the car



#At the office





#At home










1. put on a hip beanie


2. my eyes look teary


3. lips are pouty


4. Hello belly fat~


5. It is one of the birds which cannot fly...


6. It has weak legs and don't walk very well...


7. heart-shaped tails


8. See how bloated belly is. Goah!










Brand                          Pink&Ven

Product name          Body pillow - HIPPY

Country of Origin    Vietnam

Material                     Polyester

Size                             90cm X 55cm X 55cm

Weight                        1.2kg




1. Size, embroidery shape, and overall form are slightly different (see the detail page), which is a natural phenomenon in the handmade manufacturing process, and is not defective, and is not a reason for exchange/refund. If you are sensitive, please think about it and buy it.

2. Please be careful as the outer fabric can be torn if it is scratched by sharp edges or sharp parts.

3. Hand wash in lukewarm water with a neutral detergent and do not use bleach. After washing, do not squeeze, shake off the water and dry in a well-ventilated shade.

4. The color you see may vary depending on the environment of your PC/mobile device, so please consult with the Q&A bulletin board before purchasing it.

5. Avoid fire, direct sunlight and high temperatures.

6. Do not use the product other than its original purpose.


49.00 USD
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